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Black Diamond Charcoal Group started production of different kinds of Kebab charcoal and hookah charcoal in 2017. As a pioneer of packed charcoal production industry in the country, this group has increased variety of its products by using high-tech machineries, experienced personnel and experts in this area.

While considering qualitative and quantitative development of its products and satisfaction of all beneficiaries, Black Diamond Group has set its policy as follows:

1- Making an effort to observe international standards towards optimization of the products;

2- Enhancing quality and quantity of the products by increasing the amount of production and efficiency in the factory;

3- Increasing knowledge of employees through development of education;


Why do customers choose Black Diamond charcoal?

1- Its quality

2- Its affordable price

3- Coherent team of the group

4- Delivery of orders in due time (as stated in contract)


Product Classification:

* Export products

 * Domestic products

 * Customized products


Note: Black Diamond ensures its customers that charcoal products have stable quality and are in accordance with the highest standards.



* Black Diamond Charcoal is odorless, produces no gas and does not cause headache.