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how to prepare charcoal

Introduction of carbon element: Carbon is a chemical element in the periodic table with the symbol C and atomic number 6. Carbon is an abundant non-metallic element, quaternary and has three allotropes. Carbon (Latin for carbo) was discovered in prehistoric times and was familiar to the ancient people who produced it from burning organic matter […]

How to produce charcoal from sawdust?

Coal production from sawdust For the production of ordinary charcoal, the raw materials include woods of various trees, in nature, which are the best wood of lemon tree, grape plant and oak. The raw materials for the production of coal (compacted) by the method of producing coal from sawdust, in addition to the above, can […]

prodution of compressed coal

Pressed charcoal or molded charcoal is the most common type of combustible briquette made using sawdust. Compressed coal production has gained a lot of fans over the years and has been able to bring good profitability. In the process of producing compressed charcoal, the recycled raw materials (sawdust, charcoal powder and walnut shell) are molded […]


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