How to produce charcoal from sawdust?

Coal production from sawdust

For the production of ordinary charcoal, the raw materials include woods of various trees, in nature, which are the best wood of lemon tree, grape plant and oak. The raw materials for the production of coal (compacted) by the method of producing coal from sawdust, in addition to the above, can be walnut bark and beech wood.

Coal production in the traditional way

To produce coal with a coal-making machine, using the old methods, which is known as the traditional method of coal production, coal can be prepared in two ways. At the beginning, a certain amount of wood should be stored on top of the dried trees and branches, so that we do not face a shortage of raw materials, and then burn the wood.

Another old method used by using a coal production machine with the raw material of sawdust is that the stored wood is sent by machines into a special heat chamber (furnace), thus the furnace They turn it on and close the oven door. So wood gradually turns into coal.

Production of briquettes (compressed)

One of the most lucrative jobs in the world today is the production of compressed charcoal with sawdust because its raw material is sawdust, walnut husk, almond husk, sugar cane stem, palm leaf, rice bran or any kind of waste material. Agricultural products that are very low value. Very cheap and inexpensive raw materials and valuable output goods and the very good prevalence of the sales market, has made this job superior compared to other jobs.

Benefits of producing coal

No bad smell and gas Do not use chemicals No gum and glue No sparks and no headaches Having high heat Existence of very little ash Having a high fuel time Protect the environment by not cutting down trees Easy to use charcoal with logical structure and shape

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