prodution of compressed coal

Pressed charcoal or molded charcoal is the most common type of combustible briquette made using sawdust. Compressed coal production has gained a lot of fans over the years and has been able to bring good profitability. In the process of producing compressed charcoal, the recycled raw materials (sawdust, charcoal powder and walnut shell) are molded by heat and pressure, and by placing these molds in the kiln, they are converted into compressed charcoal.

For the annual production of about 132 tons of compressed coal on a land area of ​​450 square meters (assuming the lease of this area of ​​the shed), about 266 million tomans of initial investment is required, of which about 204 million tomans is a fixed cost and to buy machinery, equipment and tools, Mortgage and pre-operation costs will be allocated. The monthly working capital of the project, which includes the purchase of raw materials, manpower costs, energy, etc., is estimated at about 62 million Tomans, and the total annual sales are expected to reach 990 million Tomans.The annual profit rate of this project is 50% if it has a suitable sales market and a monthly profit of about 11 million Tomans will be allocated to the producer. The return on investment of this project will be about 22.5 months.

One of the positive features of this business is the life of the charcoal, which is up to four times longer than charcoal. Also, the heat generated by it is up to 3 times more. Its smell and smoke are much less than charcoal. It is easy to transport and takes up less space. High percentage of profitability of this project and most importantly helping to protect the environment are the most important advantages of this business.

Of course, in addition to the positive features, dealing with any business has certain issues and problems. In this regard, we can mention such things as providing quality raw materials, the existence of intermediaries, reducing sales in some days of the year, the existence of many competitors and low consumption culture that successful producers, taking into account all aspects and training, And the support of experts, after removing the obstacles, they start production.


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