Chinese charcoal ingredients


Charcoal is made from a variety of materials such as wood, peat, bamboo and coconut. Most activated porcelain charcoals sold for consumption are made from glue and wood. Charcoal from

It is activated by heat to very high temperatures of about 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit and its proximity to oxygen. This process forms holes in the charcoal that create a surface area The price of Chinese charcoal is rising for these reasons.


Chinese Compressed Charcoal Production Line

The production line of Chinese compressed charcoal includes 7 machines, but the price of Chinese charcoal making machine is a bit high and expensive:

1- Chinese charcoal machine or the same extruder that includes anti-wear cylinder, with long life and Mardon with long life and guaranteed.

For these reasons, the price of a Chinese charcoal machine is high and most factories are not able to have this machine.

2- Drying machine: It includes drying pipes and drying fan and is one of the reasons that the price of Chinese charcoal making machine is a bit high.

3- Grinding machine

4- Traditional furnaces that include reactors and mufflers

5- Sawdust sieve

6- It is a gas or diesel burner

7- Cyclone

The Chinese charcoal machine or the extruder is able to produce 150 to 200 kg of raw coal per hour. This production line works with wood waste, which is sawdust and charcoal, and as raw materials This machine is almost cheap and the obtained product is much more expensive than the raw materials. It is possible to make a lot of profit from this work. These are some of the reasons that increase the price of the Chinese charcoal machine.